Friday, July 25, 2008

List of DBCC in SQL SERVER 2005

DBCC stands for database consistency checker. We use these commands to check the consistency of the databases.
Example, maintenance, validation task and status checks.

DBCC CHECKALLOC - Check consistency of disk allocation.
DBCC CHECKCATALOG - Check catalog consistency
DBCC CHECKCONSTRAINTS - Check integrity of table constraints.
DBCC CHECKDB - Check allocation, and integrity of all objects.
DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP - Check all tables and indexed views in a filegroup.
DBCC CHECKIDENT - Check identity value for a table.
DBCC CHECKTABLE - Check integrity of a table or indexed view.
DBCC CLEANTABLE - Reclaim space from dropped variable-length columns.
DBCC dllname - Unload a DLL from memory.
DBCC DROPCLEANBUFFERS - Remove all clean buffers from the buffer pool.
DBCC HELP - Help for DBCC commands.
DBCC INPUTBUFFER - Display last statement sent from a client to a database instance.
DBCC OPENTRAN - Display information about recent transactions.
DBCC OUTPUTBUFFER - Display last statement sent from a client to a database instance.
DBCC PROCCACHE - Display information about the procedure cache
DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS - Display the current distribution statistics
DBCC SHRINKDATABASE - Shrink the size of the database data and log files.
DBCC SHRINKFILE - Shrink or empty a database data or log file.
DBCC SQLPERF - Display transaction-log space statistics. Reset wait and latch statistics.
DBCC TRACE - Enable or Disable trace flags
DBCC UPDATEUSAGE - Report and correct page and row count inaccuracies in catalog views
DBCC USEROPTIONS - Return the SET options currently active
DBCC deprecated commands


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Florin said...

DBCC CHECKDB is the command that checks the consistency of the database.

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