Friday, January 16, 2009

Database Engine Stored Procedures

sp_add_data_file_recover_suspect_db sp_droptype
sp_add_log_file_recover_suspect_db sp_executesql
sp_addextendedproc sp_getapplock
sp_addextendedproperty sp_getbindtoken
sp_addmessage sp_help
sp_addtype sp_helpconstraint
sp_addumpdevice sp_helpdb
sp_altermessage sp_helpdevice
sp_attach_db sp_helpextendedproc
sp_attach_single_file_db sp_helpfile
sp_autostats sp_helpfilegroup
sp_bindefault sp_helpindex
sp_bindrule sp_helplanguage
sp_bindsession sp_helpserver
sp_certify_removable sp_helpsort
sp_configure sp_helpstats
sp_control_plan_guide sp_helptext
sp_create_plan_guide sp_helptrigger
sp_create_plan_guide_from_handle sp_indexoption
sp_create_removable sp_invalidate_textptr
sp_createstats sp_lock
sp_cycle_errorlog sp_monitor
sp_datatype_info sp_procoption
sp_dbcmptlevel sp_recompile
sp_dbmmonitoraddmonitoring sp_refreshview
sp_dbmmonitorchangealert sp_releaseapplock
sp_dbmmonitorchangemonitoring sp_rename
sp_dbmmonitordropalert sp_renamedb
sp_dbmmonitordropmonitoring sp_resetstatus
sp_dbmmonitorhelpalert sp_serveroption
sp_dbmmonitorhelpmonitoring sp_setnetname
sp_dbmmonitorresults sp_settriggerorder
sp_dboption sp_spaceused
sp_dbremove sp_tableoption
sp_delete_backuphistory sp_unbindefault
sp_depends sp_unbindrule
sp_detach_db sp_updateextendedproperty
sp_dropdevice sp_updatestats
sp_dropextendedproc sp_validname
sp_dropextendedproperty sp_who


Ashok said...

thank you very much... Tutorials Mad

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