Friday, November 14, 2008

SQL Update Multiple Columns

Below Sql use to update multiple column for a table in 1 shot


SET (Col1, Col2, Col3, Col4) =
(SELECT Col1a, Col2a, Col3a, Col4a FROM Table2 WHERE Col5a=Table1.Col5)
WHERE Col5 IN (SELECT Col5a FROM Table2 )



Avin said...

does not work

Anonymous said...

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Martin said...

Your query doesn't seem to work. I tried it in SQL Server with no luck. What version did you write it with?

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badsign said...

This query is for Oracle and possibly other databases that support 'row value constructors'. To make this work on SQL Server, try the following:

SET Col1 = a.Col1, Col2 = a.Col2, Col3 = a.Col3, Col4 = a.Col4 FROM
(SELECT Col1a, Col2a, Col3a, Col4a FROM Table2 WHERE Col5a=Table1.Col5) AS a
WHERE Table1.Col5 IN (SELECT Col5a FROM Table2 )

badsign said...

For a more 'chatty' explaination of my above comment, I posted a blog entry on

Sunny said...

try this one....

update student
set st_id =
WHEN st_id = 'St1' THEN 'STU1'
WHEN st_id = 'St2' THEN 'STU2'
WHEN st_id = 'St3' THEN 'STU3'
ELSE st_id END);

Ankur Kumar said...

I am Having A Table with 5 Coloums How To Set and Update REcords in that at one hit
Please MAke me clear it with good example

Ankur Kumar said...
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